smashing is what dataogre does best

DataOgre ~ a handle I grabbed long ago, because it paints a picture. I'm all about that data, and I happen to really enjoy presenting it in a way that helps users GSD. That header font above is Bangers, and that's the font you would expect for an ogre. It is important to customize and match a design to the work being done. As an ogre, people that have partnered with me will tell you that I smash web development and I smash SQL Server, both in a great way. I listen to what the customer says, and make their ideas become reality.
En lieu of showing my work, of which nearly all is behind a firewall
FEB 2024 - present
Senior Consultant
MN Department of Public Safety
MAR 2018 - present
Senior BI Consultant
JUN 2017 - MAR 2018
Senior DW Consultant
US Bank
JUL 2015 - JUN 2017
Senior Consultant
MN Department of Public Safety
OCT 2014 - JUN 2015
Senior Consultant
MN Guardian ad Litem Board
DEC 2013 - JUN 2015
Development DBA
Navarre Corporation
FEB 2014 - MAY 2014
Data Architect
EagleView Technologies
OCT 2013 - FEB 2014
Technical Lead / Data Architect
FEB 2010 - OCT 2013
Technical Lead
MN Department of Public Safety
AUG 2006 - FEB 2010
Senior Consultant
Nation's CareLink
AUG 2004 - JUL 2008
Database Developer
Thrivent Financial
JAN 2001 - DEC 2001
Senior Developer
Target Corporation
JUN 1997 - JAN 2001
Developer (employee)
St. Paul Companies
MAY 1995 - MAY 1997